What is the minimum age for consultation?


Do you provide home consultation?

Yes. Additional fee applies related to the traveling time and transportation cost.

How long before a medical consultation involving the pulse diagnosis appointment should we restrain from eating?

3 hours. Note that there is no issue with drinking water during that time.

Do you offer cross-gender treatments?

Treatments and therapies involving massage are exclusively provided by a male therapist to men and similarly by a female therapist to women.

What are the billing conditions?

The fees of any services should be settled prior or following its completion or acquisition.

Do you have parking facilities?


Free Parking is available in front and around the Medical Centre. Otherwise, there is parking lot located in front the main gate of Newroz Telecom offices.

Do you accept my insurances?

For the time being, our Medical Centre do not accept medical insurances, nevertheless we provide upon request necessary stamped medical report in order for you to claim the refund from your Insurance company.