Sri Sri Ayurveda favors medicines produced by the factory Sri Sri Ayuveda Herbs and imported from India which abide by WHO’s guidelines. The factory produces world class herbal medicines & food supplements which are made from ORGANICALLY grown herbs, these are also free from:

  • Heavy metals
  • Aflatoxins
  • Parabens

Ayurveda encompass thousands of herbal medicines in forms such as powders, tablets, decoctions, Asavas & arishtams, oils & ghritams. These can be as simple as single herbs or a combination of many.


Emblica officinalis | Indian Goose berry

Prevents Ageing and Promotes Longevity
Effective health tonic and Rejuvenator
Recommended for skin, hair, digestive system
Boost immune system
Improves vision


Tinospora cordifolia | Guduchi, Giloy

Powerful Rejuvenator
modulates the immune system
imparts strength to fight any infections
Acts as an Anti pyretic and Hepato protective agent.
Useful in skin disorders
Reduces blood glucose levels
Effective herb for Gout & Rheumatic disorders


Terminalia arjuna | Arjuna

Cardiac Toner
Useful for angina and other cardiac disorders
Contributes in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and Blood pressure
Brings about easy clotting of blood thus helpful in bleeding disorders


Withania somnifera | Indian ginseng Part Used- Rhizome

Immune-booster and Brain Tonic
supports healthy immunity
supports a clear and vibrant mind
Has a calming effect on nervous system, is an anti stress agent
Effective in debility, emaciation, oligo spermia, and poor lactation
Great natural remedy for Osteo arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis as it has tonic and anti inflammatory properties.


Bacopa monneri | Indian Pennywort

Brain Tonic
One of the best Brain & Nervine tonics known to mankind.
Effective memory enhancer
Reduces anxiety and stress
Has a calming effect on mind
Used in treating insomnia, epilepsy and other mental disorders
Very good for school children


Power Booster


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