When taken along with natural remedies and dietary lifestyle modifications, Ayurvedic treatments speed up the healing process.
Please note that treatments and therapies involving massage are exclusively provided by a male therapist to males and similarly by a female therapist to females.
Treatments can either be of therapeutic nature, relaxing or both at the same time.

Two types of treatments are available:

In today’s stressful life, we are pushed to our boundaries. Ayurveda offers the means to release our tensions in a relatively short period of time. Besides the relaxing aspects, treatments listed have therapeutic benefits as well, which can be taken on a routine basis without the need of consulting the physician.

Ayurveda is generally misunderstood as a mere pathy which has just oil massages. Whereas the fact is that Ayurveda has a wide range of treatments other than just massages for most of the diseases. These treatments when taken along with Herbal Medicines & dietary- life style modifications speed up the healing process. These treatments are categorized under Therapeutic as they cure the disease along with relaxing & rejuvenating. These treatments should be taken after Doctor’s advice.


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